Our Brush is Our Touch

Brushing the face with loving intention.

When we groom our horse, we are transmitting love and caring through our touch. It is a vital greeting ritual between equine and human each day. It should never be hurried or taken lightly. If we were compelled to reduce our lives to one activity with our horse then let it be grooming because it is full of kindness and respect. The brushes we choose are the language we use. Take as much care in selecting the body and facial brushes for your horse as you would in buying a new outfit or choosing a new pair of shoes. When you pick up a brush, look at its construction. Is it crafted with care or stamped in a machine? Are the bristles uniform in quality or haphazardly stiff? Brush your arm and your hand with it. The body brush is for the horse’s coat and you can feel it; it possesses a firmness and insistence within it. The facial brush is like a kiss–soft and as light as a feather. We gather the grooming kit with attention because it matters every morning or every evening when we assemble with our horse. It offers us the moment when we demonstrate that we have sincerely surrendered our predatory nature in the name of partnership with our horse.

A brush texture for every touch.

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