Toward Spiritual Happiness

Pursuing happiness often necessitates a long, twisting journey. One in which we can all use some guidance along the way. Here is a suggestion of  seven things to make you a spiritually happier person:

1. Keep a journal of blessings. Every day write down three items in your life for which you are grateful. Write as much as you can about each one.

2. Perform three acts of random kindness before noon and three more before sundown. Hurry. Make sure you will get no credit for them and that no one else will ever know about them.

3. Write testimonials of gratitude to three individuals who meant a great deal to you in your life. If they are still alive, hand deliver them in person. If they have passed away, deliver them in person to their next of kin.

4. Fill out three thank you cards each morning.

5. Buy three books for three friends and send them anonymously to their attention.

6. Make three apologies for three wrongs you have committed.

7. Give three days’ of earnings anonymously to a charity in the name of three individuals who have wronged you.

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