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Your New Mantra: Pause, Pet, Breathe, and Praise

I recently got this heartfelt email from a couple that found themselves with a very troubled mare suffering with post-traumatic stress syndrome: Dear Allan: …. Last April we purchased a six-year-old mare…We had her evaluated by a respected professional horse … Continue reading

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Using the Right Amount of Energy for Every Horse

Today we look at a question from a reader: Hi! I just want to say how incredible it has been reading this book. I have had only trail riding experiences with horses and didn’t understand much about horses until I … Continue reading

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The Greatest Equine Hero Ever!

Yes, I believe the story of the Korean-born mare, named Sargent Reckless, is one of the greatest recorded stories of how truly heroic and brave horses can be. Reckless served during the Korean War with dignity and valor alongside her … Continue reading

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New Riding Environment? Help With Your Horse’s Anxiety

I recently had an interesting question from a reader that related to some of the principles I talk about in Zen Mind, Zen Horse. I thought it would be helpful for everyone to review this real life example: Dear Dr. … Continue reading

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A Great White Horse

A great, white horse has passed from this life. Romeo, my beloved Lipizzan stallion, who had been the star of a hundred different demonstration clinics over the years, died last night of colic. I had him since he was a … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Predators Nowadays?

  It’s easy—too easy, in fact—to look around ourselves these days and ask: “What’s gone wrong with the world? Is everyone on the planet crazy?” In just recent days, we witnessed the shootings in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado … Continue reading

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The Pathos of the Olympics: Could We Become a Global Herd?

I write a lot about how much we can learn from horses, from their pervasive capacity for forgiveness, their value of honest partnership, and their respect for empathy. So how do horses relate to the Olympics? I mean besides the … Continue reading

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